The Anti Cellulite Guru You Need to Know: Ashley Black! 2021

Ashley Black, Anti Cellulite Guru

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ashley Black, run to Amazon or your local bookstore and research this woman. She is the Queen of anti cellulite, known for Ashley Black face Fascia Blaster and has published an amazing (and affordable!) #1 national bestseller on cellulite myths titled:

The Cellulite Myth: It’s Not Fat, It’s Fascia


Who is cellulite guru Ashley Black?


According to her website:

Ashley Black, the #1 best-selling author and inventor of the myo-fascial tool phenomenon the Ashley Black face Fascia Blaster (FasciaBlaster®), was born in a small town in Alabama in 1973. At a young age, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) which would come in waves of debilitating pain throughout her childhood. She spent her youth in and out of doctor’s offices and was told she would need a wheelchair by age 25.

Determined this would not be her fate, she developed her own coping mechanisms to control her flare-ups and found that food charting, hot and cold baths, self-massaging, stretching, and strength training were effective means of pain management. She began to deny medications in her teens and always knew there was a better way.

Black developed a love for sports and became a competitive athlete – tumbling, dancing, and cheering throughout college and by her early twenties she was teaching 20+ fitness classes a week.


Black started a private female Facebook group for women in February 2016 that has organically grown to be one of the largest women’s only groups on that platform with 350,000 members. In the group, women can see real time results and testimonies from other users while receiving advice and support from Black and her team about posture, proper alignment, “cellulite” and fascia. The group has become a community of support and encouragement for women as they transform their health and learn to love their bodies. Their thirst for knowledge about fascia inspired Black to write her #1 national best-selling book, “The Cellulite Myth: it’s not fat, it’s fascia”, published in February 2017.

So speaking of Ashley Black’s book, The Cellulite Myth…it’s fantastic! So is the Ashley Black face Fascia Blaster.

With over 880 reviews on Amazon, this book hit number one in many areas, but the area we care about is #1 in hips and thighs!


Here are some actual customer reviews:

Review 1. Five stars: I’ve been a fan of Ashley Black since I started following her Fasciablasters Facebook page back when she had 3,000 followers. She’s well passed 300,000 now and there’s a reason. The girl is onto something, and I’m a 100% believer. I took a while to order the book because the Facebook page provides a lot of great information, but the book fully explains fascia and how it impacts your body and overall health. Any nay-sayers out there have either been too lazy to stick with it or haven’t bothered to start the process at all. What began as a journey to get rid of cellulite has improved my overall health and improved my workouts. I just turned 50 and feel better than ever! Read it. Try it!!! Everyone deserves to look and feel great!

Review 2: Five Stars: Fasciablaster! Head to toe review! (Love it!)

Thicker hair that grows fast
Longer thicker eyelashes
Toned face
Less wrinkles
Tighter neck (rid of fat rolls)

Boobs lifting
Smoother creeping on chest

Arms- floppy – wore short sleeves in public for the first time in years – still need work.

Tighter tummy
Losing belly fat
Getting hour glass figure

So tender when I started!! Started out barely touching them & super slow.
Plus my knees & hips hurt so bad that I couldn’t even get up off the floor when playing with my grdaughter’s. So much pain!!
Crazy – reshaped & toned
(My legs were so gross!) I kept them covered! I did not even realize how bad the backs were till I took a picture. I was horrified!!) Now…so many compliments on my pretty, sexy legs. Especially for 60!!

Feet – could barely walk on nerve mass.

Sex life!! My husband is 13 years younger. Always afraid he would trade me for a younger model. Since the fb he has said “that thing has worked miracles!”. More energy & excitement. He definitely likes what he sees!

If you want a younger body & skin, fuller hair, a toned & younger face, no planter fasciitis, no ugly cellulite, no knee and hip pain, an enhanced marriage…buy a blaster and get to work!! Love my blasters! Just trying to help others achieve what I have.

Ashley Black also has a second book titled:

The Cellulite Myth Daily Companion Guide: Your 12-Week Journey to Transformation


Track your progress and reach your goals faster and more effectively with this easy-to-follow, step-by-step daily guide for your Cellulite Myth blasting journey and body transformation!

Whether you are new to Ashley Black face Fascia Blaster or a seasoned and experienced “Blaster Sister,” The Cellulite Myth Daily Companion Guide will help you stay on track with daily inspiration, checklists, and self-evaluations. Keep track of the changes in your body and see your overall well-being drastically improve!

This 12-week journal keeps you focused and on track to reach your goal. It’s long been requested by fasciablasters who want to take control of their health—and now it’s here!


Loving everything Ashley Black? Well she has more than just books!

Ashley Black face Fascia Blaster


About the product
  • Fascia massager and face roller by Ashley Black Guru designed to isolate and localize to small areas of the body. A versatile neck massager also great for headache relief, migraine relief, and microcurrent face lifting.
  • Smooths connective tissue (fascia) helping to diminish CELLULITE
  • Massage away subcutaneous FAT for more definition. Blast away TENSION that causes foot, knee, back, ITBand pain and headaches.
  • Sculpt, contour, and release tension from small areas of the body including, head, neck, arms, hands, and feet.

How to Use the Face Blaster


The Face Blaster is designed for self-treatment and can be used by anyone on any area of the body.

Step 1: Heat Up

Warm up externally with a hot shower, sauna or heating pads.

Warm up internally with a few minutes of low-impact cardio

Step 2: Use on Bare Skin with Oil

Do not use the product over clothes or on non-oiled skin.

Step 3: Begin Blasting

Use the product side to side or up and down across your targeted area– just don’t use in circular motions.

Actual Customer Review. Five Stars:

I have only used it a handful of times and bought it with the intention of helping with my plantar fascia and IT band issues. I really like how it makes my legs feel and I have noticed some relief from the constant aching that I have been experiencing, so I’m going to keep using it. The 1st time I used it, I noticed a definite increase in circulation to my lower legs and feet…it was awesome. I have not had any bruising from this tool, but its because I am using common sense and not pushing so hard that I hurt myself. I know quite a bit about body work and massage therapy practices, so I know when to stop and not hurt myself.

I did NOT purchase it to help with my cellulite (of which I have plenty) but if that is an added benefit, then I’ll take it. I work out at least 5x weekly so my body takes a beating and this tool will hopefully keep me in the game so I can continue to work on my weight loss journey. I do it right after a shower, and use Young Living Cel-Lite Magic massage oil because that is what I had handy, I don’t think you need to spend the $$ on purchasing the Fascia Blaster brand oil, just use coconut oil or whatever lotion you have laying around the house. Anything that will keep the finger pieces from getting stuck on your skin will serve the purpose. Good Luck!

Ashley Black Limited Edition FaceBlaster™  Holiday Gift Set


About the product

  • BLAST WITH EASE – the gentle oil will help the FaceBlaster glide over the skin with ease
  • SKIN TIGHTENING AND HEALING – the AfterBlaster is infused with skin tightening ingredients and arnica

Product description

The Ashley Black Limited Edition FaceBlaster Gift Set includes 4 (2oz) bottles of Pre-Blast Cleanse, FaceBlaster Oil, Post-Blast Cleanse, and After Blaster Creme in a beautiful gift box. The FaceBlaster is a unique design with 3 tiny, dainty claws that employ the same benefits of the FasciaBlaster for smaller, delicate areas.

It was specifically designed for the face and can help release tension, fascial adhesions, and tightness between the smallest joints and bones in the hands, feet, and neck.

*We are not doctors; information provided is summarized from health websites. Any medical/nutrition/physical activity questions/concerns should be addressed with your health care provider.


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