Top 10 Best Anti Cellulite Cream Reviews and Anti Cellulite Essential Oils Reviews 2021

Cellulite affects millions of women every year all over the world. It can make skin appear unpleasant and unattractive and is commonly found near around the hips, thighs and butt of women (but also men). Skin with cellulite underneath can look like cottage cheese with small dimples, which often results in low confidence levels. There may also be stretch marks.

Fortunately, there are several treatments available on the market to potentially help cellulite, and anti-cellulite creams and essential oils for cellulite are some of them.

Many women use anti-cellulite creams and oils as they can be applied at home and you don’t have to spend time going to a doctor’s office for a consultation. These creams are moisture-rich to leave your skin soft and smooth.

Most effective anti-cellulite creams are found to have caffeine which claims to help improve cellulite condition. The application is easy and is not painful, unlike other treatments. The creams for treating cellulite are rich in antioxidants which can apparently minimize the appearance of cellulite. There are also stretch mark creams available to help with stretch mark removal (we will be reviewing these products shortly).

Once you know the benefits of effective anti-cellulite creams and essential oils, if you wish to buy the best in the market to treat cellulite on your body, then we have provided reviews of the top 10 anti-cellulite creams and essential oils for you to make an informed decision (as this is just a guide and not an endorsement, please due your own due diligence as well).

Here are the Top 10 Best Anti Cellulite Cream Reviews and Best Anti Cellulite Essential Oils Reviews to Combat Cellulite

It’s a tie!

Top #1: Revitol Anti Cellulite Cream, Anti Aging Cream Moisturizer

Revitol Anti Cellulite Cream

Revitol Anti Cellulite Cream/Anti Aging Solution with Phytoceramides utilizes the most advanced ingredients available today. The active ingredients help to firm, hydrate, and tighten facial skin and also help to repair the appearance of those unwanted fine lines.

About the Product:

  • Moisturizing cream that supports firm and smooth skin
  • Significantly decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps get rid of unwanted blemishes and dark spots
  • Leaves your skin feeling radiant and beautiful
  • 100% pure and natural ingredients

Revitol Anti Cellulite Cream

Actual Customer Review: FIVE Stars – Revitol Anti Cellulite Cream

Like many others, I heard that if you clean face, apply the vitamin C serum, let absorb, then apply the phytoceramides cream, and take a phytoceramide capsule every day, that miraculous results would occur. Well, I was certainly a huge skeptic, but I thought, what the heck, the reviews are crazy positive. I am shocked to tell you that after 2 weeks of doing this religiously, there has been a huge difference in my face and neck; I am 57. Wrinkles around eyes, color, texture, tightness, sagginess under chin; all very improved. This is the phytoceramide cream I ordered and have been using, and it appears to be doing a great job at something with the other products.

Here’s a helpful video on how to put moisturizer on your face correctly from Revitol Anti Cellulite Cream.

While we love Revitol Anti Cellulite Cream, we also love the Ancient Greek Remedy Oil, so it’s a tie!

Top #1: Ancient Greek Remedy Oil


Ancient Greek Remedy Oil claims to work effectively for reducing the appearance cellulite. The oil is a blend of four natural oils which are lavender, olive, grape seed, and sweet almond. These four ingredients are known for their antioxidant and moisturizing properties. The oil is a blend of 4 natural oils and is a great organic moisturizer which is vegan and free from gluten and GMO. The Greek remedy oil nourishes and hydrates the skin giving a smooth and even tone to reduce the appearance of the cellulite. The oil blend needs to be applied consistently for best results.


About the product

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil is made of 100% PURE blend of organic sweet almond, cold pressed olive, lavender and grapeseed oil with vitamin E, vegan, gluten and GMO free. Multi purpose moisturizer packed with hair skin and nails vitamins promotes natural health and beauty solutions which are superior to any single oil. Each one from the 4 magical oils is a source of unique vitamins and antioxidants that together create the ultimate solution all for your health needs.

OLIVE Oil is full of anti aging vitamins and hydrating squalane, making it superb to use as firming body oil for smooth and even skin tone. reduces facial dark spots, promotes healthy soft and beautiful hair, help thickening thin hair, good for wavy, curly, straight & afro hair.

LAVENDER Oil is one of the most well known essential oils in aromatherapy, benefits include its ability to Reduce anxiety and stress, migraine and headache relief, improves sleep apnea, prevent pregnancy stretch marks, Stop chronic scalp itch and cure dandruff, Effective treatment for skin discoloration, zcne scars, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, seborrheic and atopic dermatitis.

ALMOND Oil is rich in hair and skin care vitamins includes monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc, which explains why it’s a favorite massage oil and great for firm skin, optimal for treating hair loss and damaged hair, best natural toenail and cuticle softener.

GRAPESEED Oil due to their nutritional and medicinal properties grapes been used in many home remedies for centuries. Grapeseed oil provides lasting moisture for rough hands, feet and cracked heels, tighten loose skin, frizzy hair and healing flaky scalp.

Actual Customer Review: I was looking for an all natural, yet not homemade, moisturizer for my face and body, no special skin concerns, just something I could use everyday. I knew I wanted Olive Oil as an ingredient and decided to give this oil a whirl and I am very glad I did! I had a small, yet constant cut on my hand, between my fingers that would semi-heal with antibiotic cream, then re-open with dishwashing or daily living, nothing seemed to calm it enough to heal on its own. I received this oil on a Monday and used it immediately on my hands, by Friday of the same week my cut has 99% healed itself. I assuming the lavender (antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties) and other soothing oils (Almond, Grapeseed & Olive) played a big part in the moisturization and healing process.



Top #2: Majestic Pure Cellulite Cream


Majestic Pure Cellulite Cream is made of 87% organic content and is free from harmful chemicals. This anti-cellulite cream is made of the finest quality essential and carrier oils. The cream is known to reduce the appearance of cellulite apart from offering relief from muscle pain. The cream is manufactured in the USA and soothes skin and relaxes tight, tired muscles and gives a toned look. The base ingredients of the cream are peppermint, pine, grapefruit, juniper, and rosemary. The cream has to be massaged into the skin on a regular basis for noticeable results.



  • Majestic Pure Hot Cream: contains 87% organic content; no harmful chemicals; cruelty free; reduces the appearance of cellulite; muscle pain relief cream; made in USA
  • Soothes and relaxes tight tired muscle after a workout or long day at the office; with powerful ingredients such as peppermint and pine which naturally reduce inflammation and alleviate soreness while chamomile and eucalyptus provide relief to muscle
  • SAFETY WARNING: External Use Only;  Keep out of the reach of children and pets; POSSIBLE SKIN SENSITIVITY: Avoid contact with eyes and mucus membranes including ears, nose, mouth, face, genital, urethral, anus and other sensitive areas.; Use a little amount first on a small area to test;  Discontinue use if uncomfortable or if irritation occurs; Continue if you are comfortable to proceed; Do not use on the spots with injury, burns, eczema, or dermatitis; Wash your hands after application.
  • Majestic Pure Hot Cream also doubles over as a very effective anti cellulite cream; with beneficial ingredients such as juniper, grapefruit, and rosemary which are known for their ability to tighten skin and effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite. A great massage cream that soothes, relaxes, and tightens skin; the warming sensation and the soothing aroma from a combination of essential oils make it a splendid massage cream to have around the house
  • Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Hot Cream is cruelty free and not tested on animals

Actual Customer Review: I am 60 years old and I have a lot of cellulite on my thighs. I’ve been using this with a cellulite hand massager for about 10 days. I love it! I use it once a day after my shower. I apply the Hot Cream to my thighs and then massage it in with the massager. I’ve already noticed that when I use this with the massager, I no longer have the lump-bumpy under my skin. And when I look in the mirror, I see about a 75% decrease in visible cellulite already. After just 10 days! It has a nice tingly feeling and a citrusy-sandalwood scent.

Top #3: Premium Anti Cellulite Treatment Massage Oil


Premium Anti Cellulite Treatment Massage Oil is made of natural ingredients which include eucalyptus, grapefruit, grape seed oil and citrus lemon which are highly efficient in fighting unwanted fat. Each ingredient used in this anti-cellulite oil plays a vital role in tightening and firming the skin. According to the description, the oil targets the fat cells and breaks them down in the problem areas such as thighs, hips, abdomen, and buttocks. The oil is instantly absorbed into the skin to fight cellulite, unlike other anti-cellulite creams. The natural cellulite oil effectively fights the cellulite by breaking down the fat cells, smoothening the skin with the hydrating feature and tones the skin giving a smoother and dimple-free skin. The oil needs to massaged regularly to experience noticeable results.


  • 🌿 TONE SKIN WITH ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS such as Grape Seed Oil, Eucalyptus, Citrus Lemon and Grapefruit work in concert to tackle unwanted fat tissues. Each component used in this cellulite oil play a key role to help the firming and tightening process.*
  • 🌿 OUR ALL NATURAL ANTI CELLULITE OIL helps break down fat cells in those problem areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Unlike other cellulite creams, M3 Naturals premium essential oils for cellulite absorb into the skin immediately and attacks those unwanted fat tissues.* Great Cellulite Remover with Fascia Blaster & Cellulite Massager
  • 🌿 LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL is stimulating for the circulatory system and improves microcirculation, strengthens vascular tissues.* It is used for treating varicose veins by improving circulation and relieving pressure on the veins.* Grapefruit essential oil is a diuretic and lymph tonic, one of the best.* It is irreplaceable in tthe reatment of cellulite, water retention and fat reduction*
  • 🌿 M3 NATURALS CELLULITE OIL has astringent qualities in it. As one of the best anti cellulite massage oils, it is regenerating, moisturizing, and skin tightening*. Our cellulite removal oil is light weight – perfect to use on areas with cellulite. Eucalyptus essential oil effectively affects fat deposits that lie just under the skin (subcutaneous fat). It has anti-inflammatory properties and it soothes painful cellulite sensations*
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: M3 Naturals prides itself on sourcing every ingredient from the purest forms. Through our skin care products, we are committed to offering the highest-quality and most effective beauty products at an affordable price. On top of that our 100% natural cellulite reduction oil comes with a no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee!

Actual Customer Review: Wow. I did not expect this to work at all (usually the case with cellulite treatments) and then a week after using it once a day, I looked in the mirror, and the cellulite was gone! I’ve spent tons on products over the years and had taken a hiatus of probably 10 years from cellulite reducing products, but something made me try this, and I’m so glad I did.

Top #4: Coconut Cellulite Cream with Caffeine


Coconut Cellulite Cream with Caffeine is formulated in a way to alleviate the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is nothing but fat deposit in the tissues and caffeine-rich in antioxidants is reputed to fight fat to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The hydrating power of the coconut cellulite cream reduces stretch marks caused due to fat reduction. While coconut oil is reputed for its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, caffeine is known to improve the cellulite condition by breaking the fat cells and toning and firm the sagging skin. The cream has found to eliminate cellulite and stretch marks, hydrate the skin by locking the moisture and boost collagen to keep the wrinkles at bay. A regular massage with coconut cream with caffeine claims to help to reduce the look of cellulite and eliminates stretch marks and wrinkles.


  • OUR CELLULITE CREAM uses the natural benefits of caffeine to firm and tone your skin. It eliminates the appearance of cellulite while beautifying your skin through nourishment from coconut oil.
  • THIS ANTI AGING LOTION ensures your skin will be hydrated with natural ingredients like shea butter & sunflower oil which contribute fatty acids & tocopherol vitamin E & A for ultimate skin relief.
  • OUR MOISTURIZER WORKS on all parts of the body. It was developed with a complex mixture of healthy natural ingredients to heal the entire body from cracked feet to firming the eyes, wrinkles included.
  • WE COMBINE COCONUT Argan Sunflower & Jojoba oils to get a special reaction enabling the body to get ultimate nourishment. Softening while also healing it and enabling it to look rejuvenated and fresh.
  • OUR FORMULA IS DESIGNED to eliminate skin irritants, whether superficial or not. Eliminating bacteria while promoting even toned skin. Dark puffy eyes wrinkles & other signs of aging are minimized.

Actual Customer Review: So I have a lot of excess skin my pregnancy as alot of other women. I wanted to find something that would help put the elasticity back in my skin. I know it will never look the same but hopefully it would get better. I came across this coffee caffeine firming cream. The price was pretty low and I’d heard good things about caffeine cream being good for your skin so I ordered it. Alot goes a long way with this stuff. I didn’t use it right away but now I wish I had started sooner. put a small amount on my c section scar wrap myself up in Saran wrap and put on a waist trainer for about 4 hours.I do this 3 times a week and the results are amazing. My skin doesn’t have that leather look anymore, and it’s definitely gotten tighter in just the last month I’ve been doing it and I’ve thought about using it on my legs and arms just to firm my skin a little more. Definitely recommend!!!



Top #5: 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub with Organic Coffee, Coconut and Shea Butter


This organic arabica coffee scrub is loaded with the goodness of coffee, coconut, and shea butter to give your skin simple, smart and safe anti-cellulite solution. The scrub is made of organic coffee grounds, organic coconut oil, and dead sea salt to give your skin a soft and glowing look. The anti-oxidants in the coffee, moisturizing properties of coconut oil and shea butter together fight cellulite and gives your skin a smooth and toned appearance.


  • CELLULITE ENEMY: We combine best quality of organic coffee grounds with moisturizing, skin-soothing organic coconut oil and dead sea salt for an extra exfoliating kick. By massaging our organic anti cellulite coffee body scrub onto any problem area, it may help in reduction of the appearance of cellulite.It is a better experience than any cellulite cream.
  • LOADED WITH ANTI-OXIDANTS: Our Coffee Body Scrub is loaded with antioxidants, which help to fight the appearance of premature skin aging like wrinkles, sun spots, and fine lines. When applied under and around the eyes, it can help in minimizing the appearance of puffy eyes as caffeine restricts blood vessels, which reduces swelling and inflammation. It may also help lightens the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
  • 100% NATURAL EXFOLIATING SCRUB & ACNE TREATMENT SKINCARE: Exfoliate your skin improves circulation & help remove residual dirt, giving you a fresher, younger, more moisturized appearance. Coffee grounds in this scrub acts as a mechanical exfoliate that helps to scrub away dead skin to reveal the new, healthy skin underneath and as a chemical exfoliater removing skin cells with enzymes or acidic properties.
  • CACAO COCONUT SHEA BUTTER SUGAR FACIAL SCRUBS FORMULA: This high caffeine formula specializes in targeting stretch marks & Spider veins while boosting your skins anti-oxidants. The caffeine in a coffee scrub may also help in reducing the appearance of varicose veins. This dead sea salt body scrub also helps to lighten the scars and tighten the skin.
  • 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub 12 oz. with Organic Coffee, Coconut and Shea Butter: Purchase with complete peace of mind, If you are not completely satisfied with the product, we will refund your entire purchase.


Actual Customer Review: I purchased this scrub to try and get rid of the horrible cellulite on my arms and legs. I only use it once a day when I shower. I usually use a bristle bath brush to rub the scrub into my legs and arms in a circular motion. I can definitely tell my lumps are decreasing after just a few weeks of using this stuff. Word of advice: When it says not to get it near broken or freshly shaven skin, don’t! Hurt like hell! I’m purchasing my second container soon!

Top #6: Kashmere Kollections Nighttime Toning Oil


Kashmere Kollections Nighttime Toning Oil is an anti-cellulite non-greasy oil that eliminates cellulite and deeply hydrates your skin to give a smooth and glowing appearance. The toning oil is found to reduce cellulite and tone the skin while the fragrance of lavender and mint offers a relaxation and cooling sensation. The oil claims to help banish cellulite by breaking fat cells in the problem areas such as buttocks, hips, and thighs. It gets absorbed into the skin quickly and acts on fat cells directly resulting in increased efficiency. The oil is made of natural ingredients and notes that it is free from harmful chemicals.

  • ANTI CELLULITE OIL helps break down fat cells in those problem areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Unlike cellulite cream it absorbs into the skin and attacks those unwanted fat tissues
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS such as Rosemary, Sunflower, Oat Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Extract, and Shea Butter work together to tackle unwanted fat tissues. Each component used in this toning oil play a key role to help the firming and tightening process.
  • FIRMS, SMOOTHES, TONES SKIN with powerful ingredients this oil penetrates the skin more effectively than cellulite cream and fights excessive body fat which help get rid of cellulite at every level.
  • FREE of: Parabens, harsh chemicals, and mineral oil. Products are manufactured in FDA-approved U. S. laboratories.
  • This high-performance, double-duty formula is enriched with skin-saving, body-boosting botanical oils and extracts of tamanu oil, macadamia nuts, oats, wheat germ, rice, Rosemary, and sunflower.

Actual Customer Review: So far, this product is really great. It is very hydrating, smells lovely (like the beach atmosphere) and seems to be working quickly on my stretch marks.

Top #7: Anti Cellulite Cream by Pinpoxe


The Pinpoxe Anti-Cellulite Cream is for everyone who is looking to tone, tighten and firm their skin and banish the appearance of cellulite. Apart from being an anti-cellulite cream, it works as a wonderful moisturizer which helps to reduce fine lines and dry skin. The cream is suggested to be applied before workout sessions to relax muscles and to boost metabolism resulting in cellulite elimination. The primary ingredients claim to convert fat into energy and the additional ingredients tones the skin and give your skin a firm appearance. The anti-cellulite massage cream is made of all natural and organic ingredients and is states that it is free from harmful chemicals. The cream needs to be massaged regularly on the problem areas till the area becomes lightly warm for effective results.


Actual Customer Review: This thing is awesome!

Top #8: Baebody Massage Oil


Baebody Massage Oil is loaded with the goodness of grapeseed oil, lemon oil and eucalyptus oil which claim to fight the appearance of cellulite. The oil is found to penetrate deeper into the skin quickly and deliver noticeable results by smoothening and tightening the skin. The oil works better when applied after a workout. The eucalyptus oil present in the anti-cellulite oil helps by creating a soothing and relaxing massage. The massage oil states that it fights cellulite and nourishes the body to give your skin a toned and smooth appearance.

  • HELP FIGHT THE APPEARANCE OF CELLULITE – Our Massage Oil Helps Fight the Appearance of Cellulite with Grapeseed Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Lemon Oil.
  • MUSCLE RELAXATION – Soothe Tight Muscles with This Luxurious and Indulgent Formula. Powerhouse Oils like Eucalyptus Oil and Lemon Oil.
  • EUCALYPTUS OIL – Eucalyptus Oil helps create a soothing relaxing massage. Great after a long workout.
  • AMAZING MASSAGE OIL – Give your body a luxurious deep massage with Baebody’s Massage Oil. Nourishing for a more radiant and healthier looking skin.
  • SAFETY WARNING: For external use only. Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.

Actual Customer Review: I love oils because of how it helps with my skin texture. I have very dry skin, which makes cellulite look way worse. My skin looks much better after trying the following all together: high intensity workout, a balanced diet (the hardest part for me), and daily massage with this oil. You can’t simply apply it and wait for a miracle. You gotta spend 5-10 minutes massaging the area to help the lymphatic system eliminate the toxins that makes fat cells swell up. I love the texture of my skin and the smell, so I apply it not only on my affected area (buttocks) but on my entire body. I also recommend using a tanning cream to help with the skin appearance. Give this product a try, apply it correctly and daily, and you will love the results.


Top # 9: Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum-Bum Cream


The Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum-Bum Cream is a tightening and firming cream that can be applied all over the body. The main ingredient of the cream is Guarana extract which is an Amazon-based fruit extract and claims to have five times more caffeine content than coffee. It also contains coconut oil, acai and Cupuacu butter for smoother and firm skin. The Mica present in the cream gives that Brazilian glow to your skin. The pistachio and caramel fragrance of the cream is addictive and ensures a soothing and relaxing massage. The cream has to be massaged into the skin of the problem area in circular motions for effective results.

Actual Customer Review: My daughter always says this cream smells like sunshine and roses. She’s right. I first learned of this product when she gave me a 4 oz jar for Christmas. I fell in love with the aroma first, but this cream is so luxurious and silky, I would use it even if it didn’t smell so great. As of today I have ordered the large size three times and when my current jar is low, I will order again. I have never EVER been a person to moisturize my entire body daily, but I do now. Someone down there said that this scent drives men wild. I don’t know that I’ve experienced that but people comment ALL the time about how great I smell. I have NOT noticed any skin tightening, and I’ve been using this since December, 2016. My skin is ultra soft and supple though. At 53, I’ll take it!

Top #10: COS Naturals Cellulite Defense Cream


The COS Naturals Cellulite Defense Cream reduces the appearance of cellulite cosmetically and tones the skin to give a smooth and firm appearance. The cream restores and repairs the appearance of your skin cosmetically. It moisturizes and revitalizes the skin to provide a sculpted and firm look. The cream can be used by both men and women in the problem areas for eliminating cellulite and smoothen the skin. This anti-cellulite cream is made of natural ingredients and claims to be free from harmful chemicals.



  • TREAT AND PREVENT: COSNATURALS Cellulite Treatment is a confidence boosting and visually altering wonder cream, crafted with the intention to lessen the appearance of cellulite areas by reducing the volume of fat cells and moisturizing the skin.
  • RESTORE AND REPAIR: Cosmetically reduces the appearance of cellulite dimples. Tones and firms for a smooth and sculpted design. Moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Cellulite is a result of the skins inability to hold back the clumps of fat cells which push up against the connective tissue below one’s skin. This results in unsightly dimpled and pocketed texture oyn the most commonly affected areas of the body. For women this is the thighs, hips & buttocks, for men, it is usually the abdomen. Our Cellulite Defense Treatment is the best option for both men and women looking to tighten, tone and redefine your skins surface texture.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY FORMULA: We use only the best, natural and organic plant-based ingredients available, with no parabens, no alcohol, and no animal testing. Made in the USA in a FDA approved and GMP certified manufacturing facility.


Actual Customer Review: This cream is amazing after the first use! I really love the consistency of this cream. It is creamy, moisturising and emollient. It is non-greasy and penetrating and has no offensive scent. it smells just neutral. I have not yet noticed a whole lot in terms of cellulite reduction, but I think with continued use, it may produce more of an effect. It probably takes about a month or so of regular, twice a day use to observe a difference. I will not have enough of the cream to determine that. As of now, my skin feels very soft and moisturised. Don’t scroll looking at the others, this is the one I’ll buy from now on!

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*We are not doctors, information provided is summarized from health websites. Any medical questions/concerns should be addressed with your health care provider.


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