What are the Benefits of CBD Oils and can CBD Oil Reduce Cellulite? 2021

What is CBD and What are the benefits of CBD oils? 2021

CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is found in the resinous flower of cannabis, a controversial plant but one that has many medicinal properties. In many countries cannabis is legal and in many countries it is very much illegal. CBD is less controversial as tests are confirming that CBD isn’t addictive and most importantly the feeling of getting ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ doesn’t seem to occur with CBD.

The apparent CBD benefits are vast and the therapeutic claims of CBD grow every year.

Because CBD is supposedly a therapeutic wonder plant and it’s easy to take with little side effects, people are looking into using CBD for all types of health ailments.

As we are a blog dedicated to anti cellulite (among other health and fitness tips), we will look at CBD as it relates to cellulite. Basically, can CBD help reduce cellulite and what are the best CBD oils to reduce cellulite?

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What is the Government’s Stance on CBD?

Let’s look to what Canada, a country that recently legalized marijuana, states about CBD. According to the Government of Canada’s official website, they state:

Cannabis and its components

Cannabis refers to the plant Cannabis sativa. The cannabis plant originally comes from Asia. It is now grown around the world, including in Canada.

Chemical substances in cannabis

Cannabis contains hundreds of chemical substances. Over 100 of these are known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are made and stored in the plant’s trichomes. Trichomes are tiny, clear hairs that stick out from the flowers and leaves of the plant. Cannabinoids have effects on cell receptors in the brain and body. They can change how those cells behave and communicate with each other.


The most researched cannabinoid is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is responsible for the way your brain and body respond to cannabis, including the high and intoxication. THC has some therapeutic effects but it also has harmful effects. Harmful effects may be greater when the strength of THC is higher.

The potency (concentration or strength) of THC in cannabis is often shown as a percentage of THC by weight (or by volume of an oil). THC potency in dried cannabis has increased from an average of 3% in the 1980s to around 15% today. Some strains can have an average as high as 30% THC.

Cannabis that contains very low amounts of THC in its flowers and leaves (less than 0.3%) is classified as hemp.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is another cannabinoid. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a high or intoxication. There is some evidence that CBD may block or lower some of the effects of THC on the mind. This may occur when the amount of CBD in the cannabis is the same or higher than the amount of THC. CBD is also being studied for its possible therapeutic uses.


Terpenes are chemicals made and stored in the trichomes of the cannabis plant, with the cannabinoids. Terpenes give cannabis its distinctive smell.

How cannabis is used

The cannabis plant is used for its effects on the mind. It is also used for medical, social or religious purposes. Marijuana is a slang term for the dried flowers, leaves, stems and seeds of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis can be taken in different ways, by:

  • smoking:
    • joints or spliffs (cannabis rolled in cigarette paper)
      • which may be mixed with tobacco
    • pipes and bongs (a type of pipe)
    • blunts (partially or entirely hollowed out cigar wrappers filled with cannabis)
  • drinking or eating:
    • teas
    • sodas
    • cannabis oil
    • baked goods
  • vaporizing and vaping (breathing in dried cannabis or liquid cannabis vapours through a vaporizer or vaping device)
  • dabbing (breathing in very hot vapours from heating cannabis concentrates)

Results of the 2017 Canadian Cannabis Survey provide a snapshot of how much cannabis Canadians use, how often they use it, and in what form.

The different forms of cannabis

Most cannabis products come from or can be made using the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. Depending on how they are made, these products can have a range of potencies of THC (and CBD). Table 1 lists the main forms of cannabis and typical potencies of THC.

Table 1
Form Description THC potency
fresh or dried herbal material Flowers and leaves from the cannabis plant up to 30%
cannabis oil Cannabis extract dissolved in oil. Can be used to make other forms (for example, edibles). up to 3%
chemically concentrated extracts (for example, hash oil/shatter/budder/wax) Highly concentrated cannabis extract dissolved in petroleum-based solvent (for example, butane). Shatter, budder and wax most highly concentrated. up to 90%
physically concentrated extracts (for example, hash/kief) Loose trichomes or pressed resin from the cannabis plant. up to 60%
edibles Foods and drinks containing extracts of cannabis Depends on the amount of extract added
tinctures/sprays Cannabis extract dissolved in a solvent, often alcohol. Can be used to make other products (for example, edibles). varies
creams/salves/liniments Cannabis extract preparation prepared with alcohol, oil or wax and applied to the skin. varies

reference: Government of Canada

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

CBD oil is made simply by removing or extracting CBD from the cannabis plant and then combining it with an oil property such as hemp seed oil or even coconut oil.

Because of recent students claiming that CBD and CBD oil are somewhat of a wonder product, health aficionados are going wild with everything CBD.

According to Healthline, there are 7 main benefits of CBD oil.

1- Pain Relief
2- Could Reduce Depression and Anxiety
3- Can Alleviate Some Cancer Symptoms
4- Reduction of Acne
5- Improving Neurological Disorders
6- Heart Health
7- Diabetes Support

*If you want to know more about each point, the full article is here: Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

Is CBD oil good for skin? How does CBD reduce cellulite?

According to many dermolotologists, CBD is a godsend when it comes to skin health. Adam Friedman, a professor of dermatology at George Washington University in Washington, D.C, commented recently in the SF Chronicle that, “This is going to be the best panacea for skin care and many other areas in medicine.” Friedman mentions that a potential significance to the dermatological industry that “far outweighs retinoids” because of the wide-ranging potential applications. “The sky’s the limit,” he predicts.

Also, in the article it states,

Early studies suggest that cannabis can have uses in sebum production, inflammation, itchiness, wound healing and skin cancer, and that CBD works best in concert with the other cannabinoids found in cannabis, something experts call the entourage effect.

“Right now, my recommendation — are you going to cause harm if you buy a CBD oil or THC and CBD oil? Chances are no,” Friedman says. “And the question of if will you absorb enough for a psychoactive effect? All data says no.”

While CBD oil typically needs a prescription, the closest CBD oil type product we can find is Pura D’Or.

PURA D’OR (4 oz)


With over 1,600 great reviews, Pura D’Or lands our number one spot for plant based skin care.

  • GLOWING BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Start Feeling Young Again With Rosehip Seed Oil. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamins A & C, and Retinol to improve collagen production and reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.
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  • COMES IN CONVENIENT BOTTLE PUMP. Don’t Like Contaminating Your Rosehip Seed Oil For Face Using The Dropper? Our cold pressed Rosehip Oil comes in a convenient pump bottle to avoid contamination.
  • USDA-CERTIFIED ORGANIC VERIFIED. USDA Organic Rosehip Oil From Rosa Canina. We extract using a strictly confidential process of cold-pressed extraction method which retains all the beneficial compounds from the actual plant to the face oil.
  • 100% 365 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We Guarantee Your Satisfaction For Our Rosehip Oil For Face. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please return it for a FULL REFUND.

100% Pure USDA Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

Extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush in Chile, PURA D’OR Rosehip Seed Oil is the potent, powerful and super-thick all around moisturizer for your skin, face and neck. We give you only the pure, organic oil without any harmful chemicals or processing; this organic solution needs no help to noticeably soften and heal your body, hair and face.

*Certified USDA Organic By Ecocert ICO 2018-90218-Z107395-2018

  • Reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • Restores pH balance to skin
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Restores elasticity, softens wrinkles and fine lines,
  • Helps correct neck sagginess and wrinkles

Actual Customer Review

Radiant Skin!

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